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  • The Bacta War, Michael A. Stackpole
  • The Krytos Trap, Michael A. Stackpole
  • Wedge's Gamble, Michael A. Stackpole
  • Rogue Squadron, Michael A. Stackpole
  • Tatooine Ghost, Troy Denning
  • The Courtship of Princess Leia, Dave Wolverton
  • The Truce at Bakura, Kathy Tyers
  • The Last Command, Timothy Zahn
  • Dark Force Rising, Timothy Zahn
  • Heir to the Empire, Timothy Zahn
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    I'm Anthony Pegram. This site is a place where I can talk about things that interest me in music, video games, programming, and other parts of life. It's also a place where I test the latest and greatest in programming technology. Thanks for stopping by.