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Carol Berg
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Rai Kirah
Volume: 2
ISBN: 9780451458421
From the Back Cover:
After being enslaved for sixteen years, Seyonne has been set free. For his efforts in helping the Derzhi defeat the Lord of Demons, his homeland of Ezzaria has been returned to his people. Despite whisperings that he's been tainted by his captivity, Seyonne resumes the mantle of Warden, which allows him to enter human souls to free them from demonic possession.

Then he confronts a demon whose purpose is not to drive humans to madness but to observe and learn about the world around it. Unable to find any malicious intent, Seyonne allows the demon to live. But when his elders discover this violation of his oath, they exile him from his vocation.

Now Seyonne must uncover the truth about the real relationship between the demons and the Ezzarians--before their endless war destroys the world they know...

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