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Charlotte: Week 1
July 16, 2010

Well, week one is down. The week at work was pretty non-eventful, I'm not really able to do anything because I still don't have all the proper levels of access. All I've been able to do is review an older version of the code base that resides on my PC and test-drive a testing version of the application, but I can't actually get in and change anything. I at least got my ID badge on Wednesday, so I can finally come and go without being signed in. The good thing about work is that they have all the amenities you need right on site. There is a food court, a gym, and a convenience store on the ground floor beneath me. A connected building has a cafeteria, a full Starbuck's, another convenience store, and various medical offices.

Outside of work, I have pretty much stayed inside my apartment. It's growing on me, but it's not yet fully there in terms of being "home." I went to a church nearby last Sunday. I'm not sure it's the setting I want; the pastor is good, but I want a more traditional service and church setting. I don't know if I'm going back this Sunday or if I will try somewhere else.

Hopefully, things will start to feel more normal next week. It would be nice to be able to do something at work. At least getting there and getting home is easy. The office is not much more than a stone's throw away from my apartment complex. I've even carved an alternate (almost backroad) route to get home a bit quicker, as Harris Blvd is extremely busy during afternoon rush hour, but it's not so bad in the morning for the amount of time I need to be on it.

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