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In Charlotte Now
July 10, 2010

Well, today was the day. The movers arrived at my Greensboro apartment around 9:30 this morning, got loaded, and we were in Charlotte by noon.

Big thanks to my mom and dad for helping me move. I could not have done it without them.

Now, it's all about settling in. It's almost 8 PM now, and the reality of it is starting to hit me once again. The reality has always been there, but sometimes it weighs more heavily than others. Tomorrow morning, I won't get up and go to my church, I won't see my church family, and I won't have lunch with my parents after the service. I'll miss that. I plan on going to a church nearby in the morning, but I won't know any of the faces. It won't be the same.

Monday morning, I'll get up and go to a new place of employment. I may not have been satisfied with my old job, but I did like the people I worked with. I miss them already.

This change is almost too much all at once. But I trust it will become more comfortable, perhaps as early as tomorrow. That's my hope, anyway.

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