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Winter Jam 2010
February 6, 2010

I'm just getting in from Winter Jam over at the Greensboro Coliseum. The main artists this year were Fireflight, Newsong, Newsboys, and Third Day. It was a good time, though my favorite band of the four (Fireflight) "opened" the show and were done early (there were actually 3 bands that did the pre-show).

However, there was one unfortunate incident. A lady in our group tripped as she was coming down the stairs to where we were sitting. I caught her. Well, mostly. The unfortunate part is that I also caught the nachos she was carrying. Actually, the sweatshirt I was wearing did most of the catching on that one.

In completely unrelated news, I came away from the concert with a new Winter Jam hoodie.

Song O The Day: Stand Up, Fireflight.

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