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Government Savings Program
February 2, 2010

Ah, there's nothing like the government savings program. You know the one I'm talking about, the one where you lock away interest-free savings and have the ability to tap into it a whole one time per year. The one where you need an accountant and/or grossly overprogrammed software to figure out all the hoops you have to go through (and the paperwork you need to fill out) to get a glimpse of how much you managed to sock away. The one where you often have to pay a fee to to make a withdrawal, and that withdrawal will arrive somewhere between 2 to 6 weeks. Yeah, that one.

It turns out I had a good "savings" year. I wrapped up my e-paperwork and I'm getting back, er, withdrawing a lot. (Cue my mother telling me I could get back more if I bought a house or condo.) I think most of the proceeds will go into a more, um, flexible savings account than the one before, however.

In not completely unrelated news, I broke down today and bought a new iPod. I said last year that I was disappointed that Apple didn't unveil a Nano with larger capacity, opting to stick with the same capacity and introducing a camera instead. I would have bought one as soon as it was available otherwise, as my Classic iPod was losing more and more battery power. Well, the slide in battery efficiency continued, and today the thing ran out of juice and wouldn't turn back on after being plugged in until several minutes had gone by. No, I don't think the thing is toast, but it is aggravating more than anything.

So I headed over to Best Buy after work and picked up a new Classic model. I was reaching capacity on my old one (30GB) as it was, so between that and the declining battery, it was time. This new one has 160GB capacity (allegedly, it's actually somewhere near 148), and boasts battery life of up to 36 hours versus the advertised life of 12-13 hours on my older model (and it was getting less than half of that these days, but was close to target when it was brand new). It's not a Nano, but the largest Nano only has 1/10th of the capacity and my music library is nearly double that. I also was not interested in the iPod Touch, and its capacity isn't all that great, either.

In other words, I guess it's meet the new iPod, same as the old iPod.

Song O The Day: E For Extinction, Thousand Foot Krutch.

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