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Dragon Age
January 10, 2010

Just before Christmas, I bought a game released in November, Dragon Age; Origins. It is from BioWare, makers of my favorite game of all time (Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, or KOTOR for short). This one isn't a Star Wars thing, it's a fantasy RPG in the vein of Lord of the Rings, complete with mages and elves and dwarves and evil creatures that emerge from the deep. I've now played through the game twice over a total of 120 hours, once as a human warrior and once as a human mage.

Sidebar: Your character is not fixed, you can choose to be a human, dwarf, or elf, male or female, and a either a warrior, mage, or rogue. The combo of races and character classes open up six different "origin" stories for the character, manafested as six different opening sections of the game that have various degrees of impact on the game as a whole. Your race and class also impact not only the way you play the game, but also how other characters within the game treat you.

Anyway, like I said, I've played through the game twice. In short, I love this game, probably enough to mark it as my favorite game since the aforementioned KOTOR. The game it supplants on that list is most likely Mass Effect, which incidentally is also a BioWare game, so it appears I'm just a fan of BioWare. The good news is that Mass Effect 2 is coming out later this month! That also means that I'm now taking a break from Dragon Age and playing another run through Mass Effect to reacclimate myself to that particular gaming universe. (Think KOTOR minus Star Wars. It's a sci-fi RPG set 200 years or so in the future after mankind has colonized parts of the galaxy, made contact with alien species, and various levels of friction have ensued.)

That's the quick 411 on my recent gaming nerdery. Which reminds me, is 411 even in use now as a colloquialism for information? Perhaps it's been updated to "google" or "wiki-search" by now. I really don't know.

Song O The Day: I Am The One, Inon Zur.

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